Concepts in Psychology

This blog is devoted to explaining concepts in Psychology in all the subdisciplines of psychology ranging from developmental psychology to social psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, clinical psychology and applied psychology.

The author of this blog, Janhvi Johorey is a BA in psychology from St. Xavier’s college, Mumbai and a gold medalist in MA( Applied Psychology) from the University of Delhi, South Campus. She is skilled in training and development specifically and is currently working in the HR sector as a HR consultant.

To know more about the author of this blog, please visit the following link.

Janhvi also works as a volunteer for Youth-LeadeR(YL), a positive media online magazine devoted to youth related issues through the United Nations Online Volunteering (UNOV) Program. To know more about her work in YL, please visit the following link.

This blog seeks to delineate and elucidate various concepts and key terms and definitions in psychology and goes deeper into the concepts in order to seek an understanding of key aspects/facets of the concept in question.

Conceptsinpsychology is devoted to creating a fundamental comprehension of the essence of important psychological terms and concepts.


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